Tobago is the smaller of the two islands that constiute the island state of Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago has an area of 300 km² (with smaler Islands like Little Tobago, St. Giles Iceland, Iceland and Goat Sisters’ Rock 303 km²) and a population of about 50,000 people. The island encompasses two of the eleven regions of the state. The Capital of the island and the Region of Western Tobago is Scarborough, with around 20,000 inhabitants. The Capital of Tobago’s Eastern Region is Roxborough.
The island  belongs to the smaller Antilles and is located between the southern Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, about 30 km north of Trinidad. The climate is tropical and characterized by high temperatures around 82°F (28°C) with slight variations.
The island is 40.7 km long and 11.9 km wide. More than half of the island is covered by a wooded mountain range, the highest point is the Pidgeon Peak with an altitude 576 m. While the southwest of the island is flat and sandy, the north is considered rocky. The coast is very rugged, interrupted by sandy coves. A special feature of Tobago is the nature reserve, presumably one of the oldest in the world: Since 1764, the rainforest in the area of the “Main Ridge Forest Reserve and Site Creation” has been under protection. For this reason Tobago nowadays has an impressive biodiversity, especially concerning birds.

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